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Factory which was built in DIMONA town in the south part of Israel.


ATLAS LOGISTICS – ISRAEL was nominated by Scholpp GMBH to handle all Logistics + Construction and Assembly of a new Non Wove Textile Factory which was built in DIMONA town in the south part of Israel.

Our scope was to handle all incoming cargo (about 120x40' containers), delivery to Site and unstuffing to storage area, delivery from Storage area into the factory and onto foundations but in addition we were also responsible to Supply professional manpower such as: Mechanics , Electricians, Welders to assemble and construct the new factory from Zero (Empty Building) up to Turn-Key delivery to end client.

The project lasted 6 months, during which we were responsible to supply all Logistics Equipment such as Forklifts, Scissor Lifts, Boom Lifts, Trucks, Cranes As well as Various Tools, Welding Equipment, Lifting Equipment etc… The construction and assembly works were monitored and managed by a small team of Experts/Engineers and team leaders sent to Israel by the Supplier but all the other working hands were supplied by Atlas Logistics between 6 to 28 professional workers per day during the whole project. In this project we had to meet a strict time table to complete each stage and we are proud to have assisted in meeting the target finish date on time and with the high quality which was required of us on all jobs. In this project we gained a lot of new experience which will surely serve us in future similar project.

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